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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Relevant Course Work

These are a few classes that I have taken that not only greatly interested me, but also advanced my domain knowledge in the field of relational databases. I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned here, and I hope to implement these theories and techniques in real world experiences.

Principles of Database

Learned how to design, implement, and maintain relational databases in SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Advanced Database

Used Microsoft Access to create powerful user interfaces to easily manipulate data in an accounting information system.

Computer Security

Studied networking theory to understand how attackers get into computer systems.

Systems Analysis & Design

Learned how to design an information system using modern conventions and rigorous documentation.

Liberal Arts

Aside from technologically-focused classes, I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and critical thinking from classes such as Modern and Classical Philosophy, Principles of Theology, America in the Global Context, and Math Thought and Problem Solving. My writing and communication skills were honed and sharpened through a rigorous studying of the liberal arts and my critical thinking ability was a main focus throughout my entire college career.

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